Lake Information

Woodlakes Park has five separate fishing lakes each with its own special character.

Championship Lake

Cabin Lake

323m x 98m (1079ft x 328ft)

Coverage of approx. 10 acres varying in depths up to 6ft. Designated swim in front of cabin, day ticket holders on the opposite side.

  • Carp up to 40lb.
  • Bream up to 16lb.
  • Tench up to 9lb.
  • Pike up to 28lb.

North Lake

94m x 65m (313ft x 216ft)

Coverage of approx. 3 acres varying depths of 6ft, but don’t let the size put you off, carp are still coming out at 19 ½lb.

Two Pole Lake

120m x 102m (399ft x 343ft) 

Coverage of approx. 4 acres varying in depths between 4-6ft. Ranging from 14-26 ½lb on Carp. Also with Tench, Bream and Roach.

Championship Lake

408m x 15m (1338ft x 521ft) 

Coverage of approx. 12 acres with depths up to 6ft. A mixture of some good size carp up to 40lb (none yet caught). Only fished by Club Members and residents. 

Stow Copse Lake

130m x 122m (426ft x 400ft) 

Coverage of approx. 3 acres with depths around 5ft. Shaped like an S with a few hidden swims.